The Cowboy Singer Tour: “Go Where The Love Is” Guest Post on Chick Lit Goddess & Nose In A Book Review & Interview

Read my guest post on Chick Lit Goddess, the latest stop on The Cowboy Singer tour!

From the post “Go Where The Love Is“:

“I moved to Los Angeles to become a famous screenwriter. Ha! What a cliché, I know. But hey – I had a feature film under my belt, a few connections, a few scripts, and a lot of time on my hands. I was sure I would have an agent within a year, at the outside. Five years later, still no agent. But…”

Thanks to Nose in a Book for hosting my next stop on The Cowboy Singer tour! Check out my guest post, interview and review on Nose In A Book!

Guest post: “A Letter To My 17-year-old Self

“Paula, it’s your future self here. I know, it’s hard to believe you made it to 41. It must seem impossibly old – hell, your mom is 43!  Hey – put down that joint, this is important. This isn’t a drug trip; I’m really going to give you some advice here. You might want to get a pen and paper…” more

Review snippet:

“The Cowboy Singer is a delightful debut novel by Paula Tiberius. She just drops you right into the action. The story line is straight forward and to the point which can be a refreshing change from the over driven plots…”

In the interview, discover the inspiration behind The Cowboy Singer and find out which literary characters are my top book crushes!



  1. Sue Riedl July 13, 2012 at 2:40 am

    PAULA–I LOVED THE LETTER!! Please write me one to….to the 41 year old me would be fine….:)

  2. Ciaula September 6, 2012 at 3:08 pm

    paula, that’s fantastic! my fnried, julie, did the same thing a year or 2 ago, and then random house wanted onboard the other day her book ( meals that heal inflammation’) peaked right under the hunger games trilogy’ and the girl who played with fire’ on’s bestseller list. she’s book-touring across the country and has been on too many news shows to count (she’s totally in her element and loving it). so, yes, just begin somewhere! whoa writing about this is giving me a flashback to 15 years ago when i told julie she reminded me of you. much love, cuz.

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