Hot off the presses from the year 1997!!! My third short film, BUSK, starring Eric Marier.

People have been clamoring for the digital release of this festival darling, I tell you. Clamoring! At least ten people have e-mailed me over the last 20 years since its original run, and when the people speak, I listen! And not a moment too soon – apparently the Beta SP master will start disintegrating soon….if it hasn’t already – you be the judge.

Here is the adorable press kit I made on a photocopier at the L.I.F.T offices in Toronto back in the day. See? I wasn’t kidding about the film festival darling thing.

Busk press kit 1 Busk press kit 2

Now I can finally sleep at night knowing that BUSK will survive through the digital age!

It’s amazing they shoot films in color now….this film was shot on black and white 16mm film and edited on something we oldsters like to call a ‘flatbed.’ Look it up.