About Paula Tiberius

I’m an artist in many media – film, art, books, music. Currently I’m promoting a music and spoken word album for kids called Be Who You Are with my husband Richard Duguay and my friend and writing partner, Tara Samuel. We are excited to be performing at schools where we sing our character-building songs and tell inspiring stories! Watch our first video, Your Toys Could Be Better, starring our daughter Violet Duguay, and listen to clips of all the tracks here.  Our mission is to create pieces that teach kids to choose love over fear, stand up for themselves and others, and always trust their guts. Visit my Etsy shop where I sell my lino block prints. Check it out when you need an original gift for that special someone! Recently I wrote fiction, as evidenced by my first book, The Cowboy Singer, a romance novel about a pregnant gal who falls in love with a country singer in Austin. It’s available on e-book through moi, or Amazon (e-book & paperback) if you’re already ordering a blender. I’m also writing children’s fiction, and have recorded one of these stories for the kids’ album. Cojak the Cactus With No Needles is narrated by my fabulous actor friend Kathryn Winslow. I wrote and directed the award-winning feature film Goldirocks, which came out theatrically in 2004 and played on Pay TV and cable in Canada. I travelled around the world with Goldirocks and my three hot producer gals – to Montreal, Cairo (yes we rode on a camel) and Brazil (yes we drank caipirinhas). You can read more about the film at www.goldirocks.com. I sing and play guitar and drums – you can read about my former bands on the other pages which I will hopefully update with MP3s at some point. I’m perpetually honored to collaborate with my husband Richard and all his incredible rocka and roll work. We recorded a song that I wrote about the Occupy movement called We’re the 99. Our eight-year-old daughter Violet likes to watch YouTube videos and recreate the experiments in our kitchen. As I mentioned, she stars in the first music video for the Be Who You Are album, Your Toys Could Be Better. I make my living through my creative consulting business, so if you’re looking for someone to clean up your writing work, help you with an art project, or figure out your social media schedule, contact me.

You can reach me at: