Michael Monroe @ The Whiskey A-Go-Go

My first memory of Michael Monroe was watching a Hanoi Rocks video on Much Music – I think in 1982 – I taped it on VHS, along with an extended interview with Keith Richards and some other random stuff that appealed to my 12-year-old self. My best friend Kathleen and I were obsessed with the Rolling Stones, and seeing […]

Peter Pan & Tinker Bell @ The Pasadena Playhouse!

The day after New Year’s Day in Pasadena is a day of recovery. With the Rose Parade the previous day, Colorado Blvd is in a state of shock and everyone is out looking for the perfect place to brunch. But we had a theatrical adventure ahead of us at The Pasadena Playhouse that day, with tickets to see Peter […]

Individual Savory Christmas Pies!

Val and I wanted to make something special for Christmas dinner, so we went to Google and found this festive recipe on BBC Good Food. We made some slight alterations like switching to a half-whole-wheat crust, and sloshing some white wine and apple cider vinegar into the filling. Here is the recipe recounted here with […]