Jack Whitten @ The Walker

The Jack Whitten exhibit at The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis is thrilling to see. An abstract expressionist painter and paint manipulator for fifty years now, he creates stunning works of deep resonance. I’m amazed that I’ve never heard of Whitten, but then again, I had never heard of the female abstract expressionist master Jay DeFeo […]

Halvah Shortbread!

It not quite a white Christmas yet here in Minneapolis, but my sister is bringing on the holiday charm with this fantastic recipe from The Sundays at Moosewood Restaurant cookbook. We’ve always loved halvah ever since our mom introduced it to us when we were kids, and now we are all together eating these amazing cookies […]

Fear & Parenting In Los Angeles

On Tuesday morning, Richard and I heard the same bad news every other parent heard who has a child in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Superintendent Ramon Cortines called for a shut down of all LAUSD schools for the whole day. The robocall didn’t come until 8:30, but texts between parents were flying, and […]


Violet gave a presentation on Estonian Winter Holidays this week, and needed to share either a song, a recipe or a game with the class. I immediately suggested Rosolje, because well, it’s pink! And an unforgettable part of my childhood. I let it slip to Violet that I thought it was weird and gross when I […]