Blissful At Zero

Review of Blissful At Zero, screened at the Highland Park Independent Film Festival, Saturday, October 7th, 2018 at 12:00pm Films about death and dying are a tough sell. People don’t generally want to be [...]

Danny Says

Danny says we gotta go Gotta go to Idaho But we can't go surfin' cuz it's twenty below I grew up with those lyrics, The Ramones End of The Century vinyl spinning all the way through [...]


Making a film can be a long and grueling process - unless you only have two weeks and have a mandate to shoot on an iphone! The World's Smallest Film Festival held a call for submissions last [...]

Celebrity Sexologists!

Dr. Ava Cadell is one of my favorite people - a friend and a client. She's also America's #1 sexpert, and one of the most-filmed and most-quoted sexology pros in her field, always appearing on [...]


Hot off the presses from the year 1997!!! My third short film, BUSK, starring Eric Marier. People have been clamoring for the digital release of this festival darling, I tell you. Clamoring! At least ten [...]

Deep Throat Sex Scandal!

Not to be confused with the Nixon whistleblower of the same name, the adult film Deep Throat (1972) was the catalyst for a nationwide debate about obscenity and censorship which culminated in a 1976 jury [...]