Individual Savory Christmas Pies!

Val and I wanted to make something special for Christmas dinner, so we went to Google and found this festive recipe on BBC Good Food. We made some slight alterations like switching to a half-whole-wheat crust, and sloshing some white wine and apple cider vinegar into the filling. Here is the recipe recounted here with […]

Halvah Shortbread!

It not quite a white Christmas yet here in Minneapolis, but my sister is bringing on the holiday charm with this fantastic recipe from The Sundays at Moosewood Restaurant cookbook. We’ve always loved halvah ever since our mom introduced it to us when we were kids, and now we are all together eating these amazing cookies […]


Violet gave a presentation on Estonian Winter Holidays this week, and needed to share either a song, a recipe or a game with the class. I immediately suggested Rosolje, because well, it’s pink! And an unforgettable part of my childhood. I let it slip to Violet that I thought it was weird and gross when I […]

Perfect Thanksgiving Stuffing

Perfect! What an obnoxious claim. But, like my Perfect Lemonade, my stuffing is perfect to me. It’s my grandmother’s recipe and she always made extra for me. I brought it to Canadian Thanksgiving dinner last weekend hosted by my wonderful friends Krista and Alan. (Thanks for a ‘perfect’ dinner guys!) And I plan to make […]