Lemon Curd in Five Minutes!

I follow Sue Riedl's Cheese & Toast blog on Instagram @cheese.and.toast as everyone should, and one day she posted a food porn picture of lemon curd that looked mouthwateringly delicious. And here's the kicker - she [...]

Salt Plank Salmon

My sister Valerie and her hubby Walker got a Himalayan pink salt block for Christmas, so naturally we wanted to try it out at Christmas. A quick Internet search told us that you can either chill it [...]

Halvah Shortbread!

It not quite a white Christmas yet here in Minneapolis, but my sister is bringing on the holiday charm with this fantastic recipe from The Sundays at Moosewood Restaurant cookbook. We've always loved halvah ever since [...]


Violet gave a presentation on Estonian Winter Holidays this week, and needed to share either a song, a recipe or a game with the class. I immediately suggested Rosolje, because well, it's pink! And an unforgettable [...]

Veggie Edamame Pot Pie

I attend a monthly 'women's accountability' meeting where we discuss our careers and how to get where we want to be. Lately we've been meeting at the Village Idiot on Melrose where they serve a mouth-watering [...]

Fig Blue Cheese Tart

It's fig season! Our little two-year old tree has been delivering a dozen figs a week for the past month, so I decided to make a tart! It kind of looks like a pizza. [...]

Tomato Feta Tart

There are many, many tomatoes in our yard right now, and as I struggle to shift from supermarket focused person to 'seasonal go with the flow' person (harder than it sounds), I'm in the market [...]