Taco Night!

When I moved to Southern California, there was one thing I learned very quickly: Tacos are cheap, delicious and available EVERYWHERE all the time. Mexican restaurants, taco trucks, taco stands - really there's no reason [...]

Falafel Night!

I remember when I first discovered falafels as a teenager. I thought it was the most brilliant idea of all time. Deep fried veggie balls inside a sandwich - yes please! It leaves you with [...]

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkins are awesome. And so are Jack-o-lanterns. So is pumpkin pie. Everything about pumpkins rules. They're chubby, they have personality: They taste great. Even their seeds taste great! So to that point, if you're hollowing [...]

I Want To Be A Vegetarian, But It’s So Hard!

Animals are wonderful creatures. Warm, fuzzy, loyal, innocent – and great on the barbeque! Whaaat?! This used to describe my attitude toward my carnivorous diet. I was an animal-loving meat-eating hypocrite! Lamenting the horrors of [...]