Taco Night!

When I moved to Southern California, there was one thing I learned very quickly: Tacos are cheap, delicious and available EVERYWHERE all the time. Mexican restaurants, taco trucks, taco stands – really there’s no reason to ever make your own tacos when you live in L.A.. However! I love making tacos at home, and with […]

Pumpkin Pie With Whole Wheat Crust

I love October, Halloween, the whole damn autumnal shootin’ match. This fall Violet is old enough to get hyped up about things, and young enough to allow those things to come from her own mother. Thus, pumpkin night! See Roasted Pumpkin Seeds for more excitement! First we made a pumpkin pie. You can tell from […]

Quinoa Pasta, Baby Broccoli and Butternut Squash Dinner

I don’t know if it’s because I’m born in the autumn, but I love squash – pumpkins, butternut, acorn – you name it, I’m loving it. Making dinner last night I realized that I even slightly fetishize squash. I found myself obsessing over photographing my beige little friend in the most flattering light. Violet was […]

I Want To Be A Vegetarian, But It’s So Hard!

Animals are wonderful creatures. Warm, fuzzy, loyal, innocent – and great on the barbeque! Whaaat?! This used to describe my attitude toward my carnivorous diet. I was an animal-loving meat-eating hypocrite! Lamenting the horrors of factory farming with a beef burrito in hand, I would search for free-range organic chicken to cook for guests, then […]