“Be Who You Are” Album Now Available!!

Woo hoo! It’s done! It’s done! The culmination of two years of blood, sweat and tears, and one big fundraising campaign, the Be Who You Are album is now “out there” joining the children’s music conversation! You can buy the digital album download everywhere you buy music including iTunes, CDBaby and more. The physical CD is available here at […]

Michael Monroe @ The Whiskey A-Go-Go

My first memory of Michael Monroe was watching a Hanoi Rocks video on Much Music – I think in 1982 – I taped it on VHS, along with an extended interview with Keith Richards and some other random stuff that appealed to my 12-year-old self. My best friend Kathleen and I were obsessed with the Rolling Stones, and seeing […]

Bill Graham & The Rock & Roll Revolution @ The Skirball

Bill Graham was a rock promoter and social activist whose career highlights include launching some of the most famous rock bands in music history and creating mega-events for social change like Human Rights Now! and the American leg of Live Aid. He was also an actor, most famously playing the role of the Hollywood agent in […]

Come On Out! FU Fame Whore Show Aug. 5 @ Alex’s Bar In Long Beach

Fuck You Fame Whore are back in action on August 5th, 2015 at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach! Featuring Tony Matteucci on drums, Eric Schrader on bass, Johnny Dzubak on guitar and of course Richard Duguay on guitars and vocals! I’ll be singing too, and Mike Hudson’s going to come up and sing All Shot […]

Fame Whore – “All Shot Down”

Whenever R.d. Cane comes to stay, Richard and I are reminded of how much fun art can be, and how satisfying it is when a culmination of talent converge on one project. This January we shot a video for “All Shot Down,” a haunting song that Richard wrote and recorded, and Mike Hudson sings with heartbreaking truth. Richard’s statement […]

The Pagans, The Humpers, Bloodline & The Ringleaders @ Alex’s Bar!

Now that I’ve been to Long Beach, I can’t get enough of Long Beach! I wasn’t planning to go to this show, but when my excellent friend Kathryn Winslow said yes to Violet sleeping over, suddenly I was allowed to stay up until 3am again! We went to see our friends The Pagans, who we […]