James Williamson @ The Bootleg Theater

Like many rock and rollers my age, I grew up listening to The Stooges, wishing I’d been there back in the day – I could have driven to Ann Arbor from Toronto in a heartbeat! I just know it would have melted my face and changed my life. Hell, it happened anyway ten years later […]

The Dictators NYC!

Last week, Richard and I were horrified to learn that The Dictators were playing in Hollywood on the same night as James Williamson! How unfair could the universe be to make us choose between these two rock legends? It was time for a creative solution – fuck Hollywood, we’ll go see The Dictators a week […]

Be Who You Are – One Week Left On Indiegogo!

A huge THANK YOU to all our wonderful contributors so far! We have one week of fundraising left, and then we’ll move on to make our kids’ album with a message Be Who You Are, emphasizing our 4 BEs: BE your brightest BE empathetic BE true to your gut BE love, not fear Here’s the […]

Mike Hudson & The Pagans @ Blue Bag Records

Richard and I went to see Mike Hudson play at Blue Bag Records on Saturday night. He hadn’t played in ten years, and hadn’t played L.A. in….did he say ever? He sang and wrote songs in The Pagans in the 70’s, then 80’s, along with his brother Brian Hudson on drums, Mike Metoff on guitar and […]

Comic Book Girls Burlesque Show!

When I was a kid I used to strap tin foil to my head and wrists  and pretend to be Wonder Woman, trying to get my skipping rope to loop into a lasso. Let’s just say being a superhero is harder than it looks. Friday night I got to see Wonder Woman live in person […]

Stiff Little Fingers @ The El Rey!

Punk rock from Belfast! Stiff Little Fingers killed it last night at the El Rey, a gorgeous venue in the mid-Wilshire district in L.A. Going in, I was thinking about the songs of theirs I grew up listening to like Gotta Get Away, Law & Order, Barbed Wire Love and others, but the show was […]

Ann Magnuson’s Bachannal

My friend Craig Daniels is the coolest. Ever since I saw him at the ‘North doors’ in high school with dentures hanging off his leather jacket, I just knew. He’s responsible for some of my favorite bands like The Leather Uppers and The Tijuana Bibles and now he’s got a new band New Horizzzons whom […]

Richard Duguay & The Hellhounds @ CMW

Thank you to John Kastner for giving Richard two great shows at Canadian Music Week last weekend! Here we are (Ron Kirsch, Chris Mateer, Jay Millette, Richard & me) rocking the Bovine Sex Club on Saturday night! We actually have video coming from this which I’ll post soon. Yay! Tensions ran high all week as […]

Loaded Rock Show With R.D. Cane & Mr. James Ellroy

Sometimes a rock show is just a rock show. Other times it is elevated by the artists surrounding it who contribute an exquisite eye or a twisted poem, creating a much deeper and more memorable spectacle. Firstly, photographer R.D. Cane is a fucking genius. He stayed with us for a week leading up to the […]

Successful ‘Be Who You Are’ Album Trailer Shoot!

Combine a group of fourteen fantastic kids, their helpful parents, two barrels of Starbucks coffee, a boatload of Porto’s pastries and what do you get? A slew of beautiful photos and oodles of excellent footage for the ‘Be Who You Are‘ album trailer! Tara Samuel, Richard Duguay and I are working hard on the record […]