Free To Be Still Unequal

Remember this record? I remember listening to it in the 70's as a little kid and loving it! I hadn't thought about it for decades until recently when my father shipped me his vinyl collection, [...]

A Very KROQ Christmas

One thing became very clear to me the other night at the KROQ Christmas party - I am not from Southern California. I may have been born here, but spending most of my life in [...]

We’re The 99 Up On You Tube!

Our protest song for the Occupy Wall Street movement has hit You Tube - yay! Plus we have this shorter version as another free MP3 download: We're The 99 - Short Version by RichardDuguayRocks [...]

We’re The 99!

Hey Rock 'n' Rollers! Here's a song Richard and I wrote and recorded this weekend for the Occupy Wall St. protesters!! Please sing and share!!

Richard Duguay

My awesome rock star husband who has his own damn website.  His music has been described as The New York Dolls meets The Rolling Stones. A tall order you say? Then you obviously haven't heard the [...]