Frosty The Buttman

Dying is easy. Comedy is hard. So true. But comedy is something that can be learned, apparently. While we were in Miami on vacation visiting family, Violet talked a lot about butts. "I'm going to put [...]

Free To Be Still Unequal

Remember this record? I remember listening to it in the 70's as a little kid and loving it! I hadn't thought about it for decades until recently when my father shipped me his vinyl collection, [...]

That’s All I Need

My nighttime rituals have changed a lot. I used to stay out late going to rock shows or hanging out with friends drinking wine, come home buzzed, watch TV or play guitar, fall asleep on [...]


I love carnivals. I love the sleazy half-drunk ex-cons operating questionably built rides, I love the rigged games with crappy prizes, the hot mini-donuts, the scuffed signage, the way people's eyes shine with the reflection [...]

Atticus! Atticus!

Here's an adorable update for you on the life and times of Atticus, the kitten that we cut out of our wall on Saturday, July 21st. He is with the lovely people at Petopia and [...]

Bad Words

The piñata store on the way to Violet's school is always a hot topic on the morning drive. Each day there is a new selection hung outside on a wire - ponies, mermaids, superheroes, soccer [...]

Kitten Rescue!

I've always known that I would never post a 'cute kitten' video on YouTube. And like most things I've 'always known,' I was completely wrong. Here we are - me, Richard, Violet and my sister [...]