Day Of The Dead Celebration At Hollywood Forever Cemetery!

Angeleno’s love to celebrate La Dia de los Muertos. And why wouldn’t they? Let’s face it, it’s the coolest holiday ever. You conjure up the spirits of your dead loved ones and you party with them! It’s like a spooky reunion that makes you feel warm and fuzzy about the concept of dying. It’s deep, […]

Free To Be Still Unequal

Remember this record? I remember listening to it in the 70’s as a little kid and loving it! I hadn’t thought about it for decades until recently when my father shipped me his vinyl collection, there it was. I chuckled to myself on Saturday morning, bringing it out to play to Violet. Hee hee, this […]

That’s All I Need

My nighttime rituals have changed a lot. I used to stay out late going to rock shows or hanging out with friends drinking wine, come home buzzed, watch TV or play guitar, fall asleep on the couch and crawl to bed about an hour later. Now with Violet, my nighttime routine has proliferated considerably. We […]


I love carnivals. I love the sleazy half-drunk ex-cons operating questionably built rides, I love the rigged games with crappy prizes, the hot mini-donuts, the scuffed signage, the way people’s eyes shine with the reflection of neon, the loud rock music competing with old-timey organ pipes, and most of all I love the way carnivals […]

Kitten Rescue!

I’ve always known that I would never post a ‘cute kitten’ video on YouTube. And like most things I’ve ‘always known,’ I was completely wrong. Here we are – me, Richard, Violet and my sister Kiry who was visiting from Miami – rescuing a kitten from inside our hallway wall. A few weeks ago, Richard […]