My Single Most Important Life Ingredient

With the new year, I thought it might be appropriate to re-evaluate my nervous breakthrough and see how I’m doing on my personal journey to being a successful person (happy, fulfilled, giving back to the world.) Then I thought, Naaah, that’s boring. There are way better topics, such as that great article in the New […]

From No Power To Raw Power

Things are pretty freaky over here in the east end of Los Angeles. The power is out in many neighborhoods all around us and we feel extremely lucky to be getting away with just two short blackouts so far – Saturday for an hour and last night for about two hours. Thank god Violet had […]

I Drink Salads, Spiders Drink Blood

Life without white flour continues, but like all addicts I’m finding ways around the new rules. For example, have you ever Googled ‘whole wheat croissant recipe?’ Probably not, but I have. The first thing I came across was this hilarious blog in which she calls her creation “crisp, rich, yet ultimately disappointing.” Indeed. Sometimes white […]

Ring Of Fire Follow Up

Yes, this is what you think it is. An adorable keepsake from Violet’s very first performance of her entire life, singing Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire and other cowboy related songs at her daycare. See the previous post for the blubbering tale of how I missed the whole thing. When Richard saw this he fell […]