Because The Night

I had a dream the other night that Richard and I moved to the country. There was a huge farm next door, so we took Violet to visit the neighbors. Suddenly there were tons of [...]

Patience Part Two

Nothing says June fun like a re-evaluation of one's New Year's resolutions! I just re-read my post about patience back in January, and I'm struck by how little progress I've made. Don't worry, I'm not going [...]

My Single Most Important Life Ingredient

With the new year, I thought it might be appropriate to re-evaluate my nervous breakthrough and see how I’m doing on my personal journey to being a successful person (happy, fulfilled, giving back to the [...]

L.A. On Ice

"As a kid in Canada, skates must just grow on your feet and off you go!"  A young grandma said this to us yesterday as she watched Violet struggle to stand up in a pair [...]

We’re The 99!

Hey Rock 'n' Rollers! Here's a song Richard and I wrote and recorded this weekend for the Occupy Wall St. protesters!! Please sing and share!!

I Drink Salads, Spiders Drink Blood

Life without white flour continues, but like all addicts I’m finding ways around the new rules. For example, have you ever Googled ‘whole wheat croissant recipe?’ Probably not, but I have. The first thing I [...]

Ring Of Fire Follow Up

Yes, this is what you think it is. An adorable keepsake from Violet's very first performance of her entire life, singing Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire and other cowboy related songs at her daycare. See [...]