I Fell Into A Burning Ring Of Guilt

I can’t sleep. It’s after three a.m. and I’m lying awake tortured by recent events. I made a parenting faux pas that I can’t forgive myself for, and I’ve been crying off and on since [...]

Not Even For A Second

There are a lot of things in life that we do out of obligation, like returning Facebook messages from people who really should have remained eighth grade memories, or eating kale. My daughter has no [...]

My Own Private Tidy Bowl

At 40, I feel quite confident that I know how things work. Generally speaking. Sunshine and water make plants grow, parties of six or more will automatically be charged a gratuity, sellers of Viagra can [...]

Explore This, Dora!

It’s no secret that kids break their parent’s hearts, but I always thought these moments would involve Violet shoving me away in favor of her father, or her being mean to a nice kid at [...]

Never Get Out Of The Car

Never get out of the boat. Absolutely goddamn right. - Apocalypse Now The other day Richard and I were taking the Goose on a play date barbeque afternoon soiree at our friends’ place in Hollywood. [...]

Black Anthropomorphic Beauty

I don’t know why I’m suddenly so filled with compassion for animals. Becoming a vegetarian, worrying about flies, and now….bawling my eyes out watching Black Beauty, a movie about a horse, based on a book [...]

Hurting A Fly

We’ve had an influx of house flies in our kitchen over the last few days. And by “influx” I mean that there are so many that it’s required to go on pesticidal massacres about every [...]