Fear & Parenting In Los Angeles

On Tuesday morning, Richard and I heard the same bad news every other parent heard who has a child in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Superintendent Ramon Cortines called for a shut down of all LAUSD schools for the whole day. The robocall didn’t come until 8:30, but texts between parents were flying, and […]

Celebrity Sexologists!

Dr. Ava Cadell is one of my favorite people – a friend and a client. She’s also America’s #1 sexpert, and one of the most-filmed and most-quoted sexology pros in her field, always appearing on television giving advice on how to have better relationships and sex. We travel around the world together on her speaking […]

How The “Freedom Ride” Changed My View On Abortion

“A fetus is not a human being, it’s part of a woman’s body,” said Sunsara Taylor on the Michael Slate Show the other day while I was listening in the car. She probably says that phrase several times a week as one of the initiators of the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride, an American national movement to resist and […]

International Topless Jihad Day!

Today April 4th has been declared International Topless Jihad Day! When Tunisian activist Amina Tyler bared her breasts on the Internet with “FUCK YOUR MORALS” written on her body, she stirred the pot of the feminist revolution that is already underway in countries where women can still get stoned to death. They’re sick of Sharia […]

Save The Post Office (It’s An Easy Fix)

Our local post office has a drive-by mailbox. Violet gets so excited when we stop to mail a letter and demands to be the one who actually drops it into the slot. She jumps out of her car seat, rolls down the window, throws the letter in and says, “Bye-bye letter! Have fun going on […]

Free To Be Still Unequal

Remember this record? I remember listening to it in the 70’s as a little kid and loving it! I hadn’t thought about it for decades until recently when my father shipped me his vinyl collection, there it was. I chuckled to myself on Saturday morning, bringing it out to play to Violet. Hee hee, this […]

Mandatory Groundhog Day

February 2nd always makes me think of Bill Murray. Groundhog Day is one of my favorite movies of all time. Seriously, I own about 10 movies and this is one of them. Today listening to the news I was struck by the connection between what’s happening with the political and socio-economic divide in this country […]