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Creative Consultant

My biggest asset to clients is my positive attitude, and ability to steer people in the direction of their dreams. Creating art of any kind can be daunting and fraught with fear of failure (and fear of success), so it’s important to have someone in your corner cheering you on, who has experienced the joy of completing something, and getting it out into the world.

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I edit novels, non-fiction books, book proposals, screenplays, short stories and web content. If you’ve written something, I probably have an opinion about it. I love to give positive feedback, so don’t tell me you ‘only want to hear the bad news.’ No one really only wants to hear the bad news, and it doesn’t help you grow as a writer to beat yourself up. Play to your strengths and write from the heart no matter what the genre.


My philosophy for novelists is that they need to toggle back and forth between the big picture and the details so that they don’t lose their minds or get bored. My years of filmmaking and screenwriting have made my taste lean, so I don’t enjoy a lot of wasted words, and I always prefer to let the audience fill in the gaps. Unless you really know how to describe an armchair. Then I’m hanging on your every word.


What is your book about? Let’s keep that in mind throughout the whole process. Sometimes nonfiction writers want to throw in the kitchen sink, and cast a wider and wider net. I’m here to help you stay on course, on brand, and get your point across.


I got a feature film made, so I know something about screenplays after that grueling development process. I don’t know it all, but neither does anyone else. I think it’s important to let great style come through if you’ve got it. As long as you’re crystal clear, you can buck tradition and lay down a unique vision that the perfect director will drool over. If I’m not scrutinizing you nearly enough, go to and Tara will make you wish you’d never heard the term “fine-toothed comb.”

Web Content

I write and edit web content all the time with the many websites I operate. It requires an eye for quick concept recognition, relatability and brevity.