Can ya? Kenya!

Blog three of my African adventures with Dr. Ava Cadell. Getting from Zanzibar, Tanzania to Diani Reef, Kenya took three planes in one day, though later we were told that one plane would have sufficed if we had gone direct. As it was, we flew from Zanzibar back to Dar Es Salaam, Dar to Nairobi, […]

Celebrity Sexologists!

Dr. Ava Cadell is one of my favorite people – a friend and a client. She’s also America’s #1 sexpert, and one of the most-filmed and most-quoted sexology pros in her field, always appearing on television giving advice on how to have better relationships and sex. We travel around the world together on her speaking […]

Dr. Ava’s Neuroloveology Book Reaches For The Stars!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Yesterday I spent the day with Dr. Ava Cadell and her publicist Jim Strzalkowski promoting Ava’s new book ‘Neuroloveology,’ a blending of neuroscience, relationship therapy and sex tips. I can tell you it’s a fantastic read because…I’m the editor! Along with the fabulously talented Shadley Grei who recently published an amazing piece […]

Hello Delhi

After a harrowing chemical spray-down in the Asiana flight cabin, we completed our journey from Tokyo to New Delhi. Yay! We stepped out into the clingy,  humid air and met our driver who took us to the ITC Maurya Hotel via roads ruled by stray dogs and monkeys who are not shy. Security searched our […]

Australia! 6 Cities In 10 Days

I just got back from Australia where I was accompanying Dr. Ava Cadell on her ‘Neuroloveology’ seminar tour. She was speaking to entrepreneurs about improving their love lives to become better, more productive people. We visited Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane, then had two days off on the Gold Coast. We knew the trip […]

Deep Throat Sex Scandal!

Not to be confused with the Nixon whistleblower of the same name, the adult film Deep Throat (1972) was the catalyst for a nationwide debate about obscenity and censorship which culminated in a 1976 jury trial in Memphis, Tennesse. The film tackles the then-taboo subject of oral sex, depicting a woman whose clitoris is discovered […]