Fame Whore – “All Shot Down”

Whenever R.d. Cane comes to stay, Richard and I are reminded of how much fun art can be, and how satisfying it is when a culmination of talent converge on one project. This January we shot a video for “All Shot Down,” a haunting song that Richard wrote and recorded, and Mike Hudson sings with heartbreaking truth. Richard’s statement […]

Can ya? Kenya!

Blog three of my African adventures with Dr. Ava Cadell. Getting from Zanzibar, Tanzania to Diani Reef, Kenya took three planes in one day, though later we were told that one plane would have sufficed if we had gone direct. As it was, we flew from Zanzibar back to Dar Es Salaam, Dar to Nairobi, […]

Be Who You Are – One Week Left On Indiegogo!

A huge THANK YOU to all our wonderful contributors so far! We have one week of fundraising left, and then we’ll move on to make our kids’ album with a message Be Who You Are, emphasizing our 4 BEs: BE your brightest BE empathetic BE true to your gut BE love, not fear Here’s the […]