Fame Whore – “All Shot Down”

Whenever R.d. Cane comes to stay, Richard and I are reminded of how much fun art can be, and how satisfying it is when a culmination of talent converge on one project. This January we shot a video for “All Shot Down,” a haunting song that Richard wrote and recorded, and Mike Hudson sings with heartbreaking truth. Richard’s statement […]

Loaded Rock Show With R.D. Cane & Mr. James Ellroy

Sometimes a rock show is just a rock show. Other times it is elevated by the artists surrounding it who contribute an exquisite eye or a twisted poem, creating a much deeper and more memorable spectacle. Firstly, photographer R.D. Cane is a fucking genius. He stayed with us for a week leading up to the […]

Richard Rocks Toronto

Going home to play a rock show! Well, sing anyway. I haven’t played guitar live since Richard’s 50th, unless you count drunken girl’s weekends in Palm Springs. Check out Richard Duguay live at the Cherry Cola on Saturday, December 7, 2013! And to listen to some song clips of what to expect, go here. The […]