Come On Out! FU Fame Whore Show Aug. 5 @ Alex’s Bar In Long Beach

Fuck You Fame Whore are back in action on August 5th, 2015 at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach! Featuring Tony Matteucci on drums, Eric Schrader on bass, Johnny Dzubak on guitar and of course Richard Duguay on guitars and vocals! I’ll be singing too, and Mike Hudson’s going to come up and sing All Shot […]

Mike Hudson & The Pagans @ Blue Bag Records

Richard and I went to┬ásee Mike Hudson play at Blue Bag Records on Saturday night. He hadn’t played in ten years, and hadn’t played L.A. in….did he say ever? He sang and wrote songs in The Pagans in the 70’s, then 80’s, along with his brother Brian Hudson on drums, Mike Metoff on guitar and […]

Loaded Rock Show With R.D. Cane & Mr. James Ellroy

Sometimes a rock show is just a rock show. Other times it is elevated by the artists surrounding it who contribute an exquisite eye or a twisted poem, creating a much deeper and more memorable spectacle. Firstly, photographer R.D. Cane is a fucking genius. He stayed with us for a week leading up to the […]

Toronto Rocked!

What a day last Saturday in Toronto! Shooting all day and rockin’ all night at Cherry Cola’s. Thanks to Cherish for letting that happen at her club, Johnathan Walsh for making it so all around, and Keith, Jennifer, Ray and Timon from Silver Point Media for what’s going to be an awesome video! And Cara […]

Richard Rocks Toronto

Going home to play a rock show! Well, sing anyway. I haven’t played guitar live since Richard’s 50th, unless you count drunken girl’s weekends in Palm Springs. Check out Richard Duguay live at the Cherry Cola on Saturday, December 7, 2013! And to listen to some song clips of what to expect, go here. The […]

Lou, Lou, Lou, It’s The Beginning Of A Great Adventure

Two of my best friends (Kathleen and Ellen) texted me this lyric on Sunday after hearing the news that Lou Reed had died. It was exactly the same thought in my head. Maybe we’re all hoping that he gets re-incarnated as another legendary rock and roll musician who changes the meaning of music. Lord know, […]

Steve Earle!

Richard’s friends Ronny and Liana are in town celebrating their wedding anniversary and bought us all tickets to see Steve Earle last night at the John Anson Ford Amphitheater. He was backed up by The Dukes and The Mastersons. For anyone who’s never heard of Steve Earle, he writes incredibly moving heartsick songs about love, […]