The Father, The Son & The Holy Sh!t

Growing up gay in Des Moines, Iowa in the 1970’s & 80’s, you’re gonna have some stories. But for writer-performer Shadley Grei, his journey has become a one-man show that is truly dazzling in its head-shaking, jaw-dropping truth. The Father, The Son & The Holy Sh!t premiered last night at the Fringe Festival in West Hollywood […]

Peter Pan & Tinker Bell @ The Pasadena Playhouse!

The day after New Year’s Day in Pasadena is a day of recovery. With the Rose Parade the previous day, Colorado Blvd is in a state of shock and everyone is out looking for the perfect place to brunch. But we had a theatrical adventure ahead of us at The Pasadena Playhouse that day, with tickets to see Peter […]

O Réjane!

La Belle Époque was a heady time for artists, a period of great creativity that remains iconic and romantic in our collective imagination. Imagine seeing new work by Gaugin, Matisse or Toulouse-Lautrec, listening to Stravinsky or Eirk Satie at a salon, or watching Art Nouveau architecture and design spring up around Paris. Change was in […]